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To see some of our past designs, click on picture above.  We can create a backyard oasis for you!!


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Jeff Weiland

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Earth Art was started and inspired by designer Jeffrey Weiland.  By creating metal fire-pits and other designs out of one of earths most natural resource, iron-ore –STEEL. These fire pits come individually numbered, and I sign each one.  On the interior, where one can place logs of wood for lighting, the surface has been treated with heat resistant paint, which prevents any sort of mishap from occurring. On the outside, the Ferrous Oxide (Iron oxide) finishing has been applied to lend it a very rustic touch, so that in the long run when oxidation does take place, it  and remains more or less the same.  This can also be used as simple yard art. These can also be used with a gas burner kit.  We can also turn this into a water feature with LED lighting.  Call for details.

  globe fire pit- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com Earth - globe firepit- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com longhorn firepit- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

Rings of Saturn Fire pit - Dallas TX  www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.comstar firepit - Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com wings of flight wood rack  Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

manta'ray firepit Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com





Get rid of those nasty gas logs in your fire place or fire pit.  We can help you design, build and install a unique fireplace or outdoor retreat!!   We can build Fire Tables, Fire Pits, Indoor Fireplaces, and Unique Water & Fire features with this glass.  Call us for more details and keep coming back to view this page!  We put a few of our pictures below to give you a few ideas of what this product can do and how it will look.

 custom fire-glass firepit Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com water and fireglass firepit Dallas TX  www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com  fireglass waterfall  Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com  fireglass firepit  Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com   fireglass glass block firepit Dallas TX  www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

 fireglass glass block firepit Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

 fireglass outdoor bar Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com fireglass firepit feature mine car Dallas TX  www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com


We have expanded our products to these as well.  All of these products are made from wine and whiskey barrels. CALL FOR PRICES.. 


32 bottle half barrel wine rack- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com  32 bottle wine barrel rack- Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

 32 bottle half barrel          32 bottle wine rack

3 bottle wine rack- Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com   wine barrel towel rack- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

 3 bottle wall mount             Towel rack

wine barrel double door- Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com  wine barrel coffee table- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

  Double door barrel     Wine barrel coffee table

custom wine barrel bestro table- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com   wine barrell  ice cooler- Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

    Wine barrel table                Wine barrel cooler

wine barrel wine & wine glass holder- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com  wine barrel candle holder- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

  Wine and glass holder             Candle holder



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Our Design of the 10 Commandments

Call for Details

Ten commandments in stone water fall- Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

Synthetic Putting Greens

Custom Glass Golfing putters- Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com
Putters of Glass

  Actual putters you can use to golf!

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  Grasshoppers Landscaping LLC. is having a drawing. Everyone who signs up by April 15th for the 2014 cutting season will be in a drawing for a 42" Plasma TV and the second place winner will receive 2 Premium Dallas Stars Hockey tickets or Mavericks tickets.   CALL for details!! 

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Unique Waterfall Designs

outdoor fireplace -Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com waterfall outdoor fireplace- Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com outdoor waterfall table-Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com custom waterfall table - Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.comcustom waterfall table-Dallas TX   www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com Hotel waterfall table - Dallas TX    www.grasshopperslandscapingllc.com

(Waterfall Tables are Patented designs of Grasshoppers Landscaping LLC)

ELIMINATE YOUR SUMMER STRESS! Let the team of Grasshoppers Landscaping LLC. take your worries away, and give you more time for yourself or your family. We conduct ourselves with the utmost professional attitude, and our focus is YOU! WE WANT YOU TO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES ABOUT US.

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All-Star Armored & A/C Cage Fabrication LLC.

ac copper theft- Dallas TX    www.allstaracarmor.com

STOP the threat of copper theft or A/C theft.  Copper is over $3.50 LB.  People are stealing ac units or the copper inside them. Vandalism is also on the rise.  No area is safe. We service all of Texas and beyond.  Visit our web page for all the details and products.


With These...

       ac metal mess cage - Dallas TX    www.allstaracarmor.com

Be Pro-Active not  Re-Active!!

The Leader in A/C Theft Protection!!



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